Sunday, January 30, 2011

Been a little bit.

Haven't blogged for a couple weeks so I figured I better update everyone (everyone as in only Jenna since I'm pretty sure she's the only one that reads this) Anyways, Jake and I started our diet and we are on our third week, I think I have lost about 5 pounds and so has Jake. Our diet is awesome, in fact I probably wouldn't even call it that because I love the food we eat. We have to eat 6 small meals a day and a gallon of water. The tough part? Eating 6 meals! I am never hungry because I feel like I am always eating, which is a good thing because in most diets you feel hungry all the time! That is definitely not the case here, I feel like I spend half of my day cooking. Which I honestly think I do. I get the better end of the deal though, because I cook and Jake cleans, and I can live with that! Along with our diet we bought memberships at the Rock Haus, Logans indoor rock climbing gym and we've been going about 3 times a week as well as the gym on campus about 4 times a week. I have fell in love with rock climbing, its such an intense sport. Not only is it a total body workout, but it is so much fun. I have learned so much about climbing and can't wait till it warms up so Jake and I can climb outside more. I am recently trying to conquer all the 5.9's in the gym. (For those of you who don't know what that is, its part of the rating system on how hard each climb is, the lowest is about a 5.3 and it goes all the way up to 5.13) Other than rock climbing and dieting I am currently working my butt off in school and trying to find a job. Boo both of those. 
That's all folks. 

Oh and here's a look at the Rock Haus, its bomb.

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  1. that looks awesome! haha thanks for the update. Miss you :)