Monday, June 27, 2011


This weekend was awesome as always. 
I won't blab on and on about it so here are some pictures.

We went boating.
I look like an orange.

My baby doin some wakeboardin.

The difference in our skin colors is ridiculous hahah.

This could be one of my very favorite pictures of us.

We saw some fights.

We also had a fire with friends, we went to church, we made banana boats, and we hung out with my family. I love weekends with my man.

We have so much planned the rest of this summer its ridiculous.

This weekend: We're going to a rodeo, going to his nieces baby blessing, and going on a fishing trip with his family for 3 days.
July 8th-10th: Kenny Chesney Concert & boating.
July 15th-17th: Camping and four wheeling at the sand dunes with friends.
July 22nd-24th: Camping with other good friends Sarah and Kodey.
July 29th-31st: Camping in Lava with my family.
August 5th-7th: Raspberry Days in Bear Lake and Tim Mcgraw.
And then possibly going to Canada right before school and then in December, Vegas for my 21st, and a vacation with my family to Costa Rica or Fiji in January or the end of December.

Me and Jake are SO spoiled, I cannot wait for all the fun things we have to look forward to this year! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011


hahahaha. Thought I should share this with you.

So there is a bad news and good news about today. 
Bad news: Jake got called into work so I'm not going up there until tomorrow.
Good news: Me and Kaylie spent the day shopping, eating at Zupas, and tonight we are going to the fireworks. She is my boyfriend when my boyfriend isn't here :) pictures from tonight will surely come. Also good news I got my extensions today, and I love themmm. And I got a new pair of shorts and two shirts for 45 bucks. Hell yes. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Not too much to blog about but...

This is what I have been up to during the week.

Soaking up the sunshine. I am addicted to it, if the sun is out, I'm in it.

And also I made these babies today. My famous red velvet cupcakes with almond cream cheese frosting. So deliciousssss! 

2 more days and I get to see this sexy face. (Hopefully if he doesn't get called into work, fingers crossed)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Picnics.

WARNING: This blog post is all about Jake, so if your sick about hearing our love story, I would advice that you don't read any further. But if you like reading about our cheesyness, here it is. 

(In order to understand this story you first have to know that Jake had been telling me all week that he was working a half day on Saturday and wouldn't be to Ogden until Saturday afternoon)

So Friday night after work, I called him like I always do after work and he told me he was going to dinner with some friends from work. I asked him where and with who and he responded normally and I didn't think anything of it. He said he would call me when he was done, so about an hour later he calls me again and I ask him how dinner was and what he got, and once again he replied normally by saying it was okay and he got fajitas. It wasn't until he told me he was home, and I could still hear the car running through the phone to know something was up. I ignored it for a minute to try to figure out what he was really up to. I told him I was really tired, and he said "Yeah me too, I think we should just say goodnight right now and I'll talk to you tomorrow babe." Well me being me, I said no (since we had only been talking for like 3 minutes and we usually talk for at least 30 minutes). I could still hear the car driving, so I finally asked him what the hell he was doing. He told me he was at home in bed, but I knew he was lying. Well I was right, I had to ruin the surprise. Apparently he had been lying to me all week saying that he had to work on Saturday when really he didn't. He was trying to surprise me by showing up on Friday night without me ever finding out. But of course me being the way I am, I asked too many questions, forcing him to tell me the surprise. He was a little upset because his plan was to just say goodnight on the phone like we usually do, and then sneak into my room when he got here, and crawl into my bed and kiss me, without me ever knowing he was coming down. So he was never at dinner with work friends, did not have fajitas, and never was working on Saturday, he was making up all these lies just to surprise me. Even though I kind of ruined the surprise he still made me the happiest girl in the world. It's the cute things he does like that, that remind me how much he loves me and how lucky I am to have such an amazing boyfriend. I seriously am so in love with him.


When Jake got to my house on Friday night we stayed up and watched So You Think You Can Dance, which was absolutely hysterical. These people crack me up, if any of you saw it, I hope you watched the part with the black stripper. She honestly made us laugh until we almost pee'd our pants. 
Saturday morning we woke up and went to breakfast at my dad's restaurant, which is always scrumptious, and then we headed to my uncle's work to get Jake's car fixed. We were there for almost 2 hours! But the good news is, my uncles girlfriend showed up with my old dog Pudje! He's an English Bulldog and we got him when I was 15, but my dad ended up hating him so my uncle and his family adopted him. The day they took him was one of the saddest days of my life. So I was soooo happy to see him on Saturday. I hadn't seen him since I was 16 or 17. He's gotten so huge its crazy!

This is the only picture I could get of him somewhat holding still!

After Jake's car got fixed we went grocery shopping and went to the mall to see Hangover 2. I was super disappointed. Everyone kept talking about how good it was but it wasn't very good at all, more gross than anything. Me and Jake were both unimpressed. Saturday night we headed to Logan for our good friends Justin and Ambers wedding. They looked so happy and it was fun to see them glowing. It was funny because at 2 different times in the night they both talked about how they just wanted the reception to be over so they could get laid. I love them!

Driving to Logan! Jake hates this picture but if he would not pull a face in every single picture he wouldn't have to worry about looking like a retard. Still love him tho :)

Justin and Amber!

After the wedding, we went to dinner with our good friend Derek who was down from Burley, ID for the wedding. We ate at Happy Sushi which is our favorite, it looks ghetto but it is super delicious. If you're ever in Logan and are a fan of sushi, go to Happy Sushi!

Sunday we slept till 11 and made banana nut waffles when we woke up. We laid around until 1:30 when we decided we should probably go to church, so we got ready and went to the singles ward. It was good to be at church and feel the spirit, we hadn't been in 2 weeks so it was very refreshing. After church, we made packed a picnic, grabbed some softball gear and headed to the park. It was such a beautiful day today and it was so cute/relaxing to eat a picnic in the park with Jake. We wrestled and laughed and laughed and laughed some more and then fell asleep in the shade on our blanket. When we woke up  Jake attempted to pitch me some balls, but poor kid is not a baseball player. He could not pitch a straight ball for the life of him, but thats what made it so fun. We are always laughing when we are together and that's one of the reasons I love him so much. We had such a cute day together. 

Our yummy picnic, and Jake's lovely face.

Love him always :)

Jake headed back to Pinedale a few hours ago because he has to work early tomorrow morning. I already can't wait till Friday when we get to be together again! I had another amazing weekend. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love and Mushroom Hunting.

Me and Jenna were talking the other day about how we get upset when people don't update their blogs, until I realized that I can't get upset because I don't update my blog very much either! So I will do my best to change that.

This is my life during the week. 
-Homework in the morning
-Exercise in the afternoon
-Tan and run errands before work
-Work from 4-9.
-9 to 10 talk to Jake on the phone
-Asleep by 10:30

Nothing to exciting at all.
The good news is that my weekends are always amazing because I get to spend them with my lover.
This last weekend I took Friday night off and drove the 3 and 1/2 hour drive to Pinedale to Jake's house. Shortly after  I got there, we drove 2 more hours to his grandmas house in Driggs, ID. 

His grandma lives  on a dairy farm that Jake's two uncles run. It is always fun to go up there and spend a few days in the middle of no where on the farm. We rode fourwheelers, milked cows, fed calves, and did all sorts of "farm" stuff. It was a good change of activities and scenery. On Saturday me, Jake, his grandma, nephew,  and sister Jessy all went up into the mountains to go mushroom hunting. I had never heard of that before but apparently there is a type of mushroom that grows by his grandmas house that is really tasty to eat. Needless to say we walked away with a good full grocery bag of mushrooms. When we got home his grandma fried them up and we had mushroom sandwiches. They were honestly one of the best things I have ever tasted. I was a little weary at first, but they were so good. 

Saturday night we went on a double date with Jakes uncle and his girlfriend Niki to the Thai restaurant we always go to when we are in Driggs. One of his uncles friends showed up in the middle of dinner to join us. The food was super tasty except for I learned I do not like duck, it is disgusting. Jakes uncle Bill got it and I tasted it...bad idea. After dinner we all went back to Bill's and they all decided to get drunk while me and Jake watched entertainingly. It's weird to see 40 year olds completely belligerent but entertaining none the less.

Sunday we headed back to Pinedale because Jake had to work early Monday morning. We watched half of a movie and fell asleep at like 10 o'clock. We are lame. Monday night when Jake got home we went at rented the movie I am Number 4. It was a little too sci-fi for my taste but was still a decent movie. Jake was exhausted from a long day of work and I slept all day so he fell asleep and I listened to The Mocking Jay. The third series of The Hunger Games books. I highly recommend them but they are super addicting. I am halfway done with the last book and I am going to be so sad when its over. They are coming out with a movie but it doesn't come out until March 2012. 

Anyway, about an hour after Jake fell asleep he woke up all concerned and pulled me into him to cuddle and said, "Are you okay?" I was fine, I think he was just confused as to why I was still awake. Then he told me to come here, pulled me tight into him, kissed me and said I love you and then fell back asleep. Isn't he tender? He is honestly perfect. I love that boy more than anything. Being in love is so perfect and I honestly have never been happier. I can't wait for the years of adventures we are going to have together!

That was my weekend and now I am currently waiting till 4 when I have to go to work again. Only 3 more days and then Jake will be here :) he's coming down this weekend and our friends Amber and Justin are getting married on Saturday night in Logan! I am so happy for them and can't wait for another amazing weekend with my man. 

And like I said I will try to update my blog more but I feel like all I ever talk about is Jake but thats because I love him and everything good that happens in my life, involves him! And also, Jenna told me its my blog so I can write about whatever I want!