Friday, December 24, 2010

Where to begin.

It's been awhile since my last post but things have been super crazy. Good and bad. Last Friday we left for Idaho to visit Jake's family for the weekend. Friday night we went to his sister Jessie's orchestra performance and then played Wii at his sisters house. Saturday we went up to Driggs to stay with his grandma for a few days. We went snowmobiling and I snowboarded down the hill and Jake drove me back to the top, it was super fun! But then as we pulled back into his uncles driveway the snowmobile hit an ice block and we tipped, the snowmobile landed on Jakes calve and he got a nasty contusion, it looked like an egg was stuck under his skin. I survived with a bruise to the hip but Jakes leg is still pretty nasty. The rest of the weekend we just relaxed with his grandma, ate a lot, slept a lot, and watched a lot of movies. It was a good weekend. I only took a few pictures but here they are.

Monday afternoon we headed to St. George to stay at our friend Tyson's house before we headed to Vegas the next day. WORST road trip ever, we got stuck in traffic in Provo for over and hour and then hit a snowstorm which resulted in dead stop traffic, we drove 36 miles in 3 hours, it was a nightmare. As soon as traffic started to clear out we were still driving in a snowstorm but we were going about 30 miles an hour downhill when a F450 truck with a trailer on the back comes speeding out control trying to squeeze in between us and the truck in the right line, he didn't make it, he hit us, we spun around and then he hit us again. He also hit the other truck. I have never been more scared in my entire life. Luckily Jake was driving and maneuvered us out of what  could have been a fatal crash. I was hysterically screaming and balling my eyes out but Jake calmed me down and reassured me that I was okay because at that point I wasn't sure I was. We both walked away without a scratch but Roger my Rav-4 wasn't so lucky. So needless to say we left Idaho at 11 in the morning and didn't arrive in St. George until 3 in the morning the next day, talk about a nightmare. 

After our driving nightmare things got much better. We headed to Vegas Tuesday morning and ate breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe in MGM Grand, so yummy. Jake had never been there and he really liked it. Then I tortured Jake into shopping with me and we spent the day shopping in the Fashion Show Mall on the strip.  The Forever 21 there is absolutely amazing. I could have spent 3 days in there. Tuesday night we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Caesars Palace with the other couple we went with, Tyson and Amanda. We hung out at The Stratosphere (where we were staying) and had a great time. Wednesday we ate some super good pizza and just relaxed before we went to the Utah vs Boise bowl game. The game was fun but it was a complete blowout. Later that night we went out to a Piano Bar which was way way fun, we danced the night away and ended up calling it a night around 3 am. It was the one of the most fun few days I have ever had. Thursday morning we headed home and got stuck in traffic once again but luckily after an hour it cleared out. We arrived in Ogden and watched Despicable Me with my mom which is actually a super super funny movie. We were pretty exhausted from driving so much that we went to bed early. Today we drove back to Logan and I said goodbye to Jake for a week so we can go spend time with our families for Christmas :( I am going to miss him! But I am such a happy girl. I have an amazing boyfriend that treats me like a princess and who I absolutely adore and the two best friends anyone could ask for Jenna Black and Kaylie Layton, the best parents ever and its Christmas Eve! Life is good.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Vegas!

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