Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Nice.


People need to do this more.
I hate disrespectful people, it is probably my biggest pet peeve when someone
disrespects me, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, or my belongings.
I don't know why this is bothering me so much but I just wish people would have more respect
because it would probably make me a much nicer person :)

On a better note, this weekend was lots of fun. Snowmobiling was fun for the first 3 hours but when 
three hours turned into 8 hours it got a little restless saddling around Jakes waist on the back of a snowmobile freezing my butt off. But it was worth it and we had lots of fun. Sunday we went to church with his mom and sister, and Jake being the mean big brother that he is, put Jessy's hand in a death grip, causing her to say shit in the middle of sacrament. It was kind of funny. For the superbowl we went to his older sister, Mandy's house and ate lots of naughty food, breaking our diet. I loved it. We had homemade strawberry ice cream with brownies in it. Delicious. Jakes nephew, also named Jake, is almost 3 and is the cutest little thing. He likes me more than Uncle Jake sometimes and it makes him jealous, oopsies. There was a tender moment however, I had Jake on one side of me laying on me with my arm around his body, so baby Jake came over to my other side and made me put his arm around him so he could lay on me too. It made me smile. It was a great weekend with the family. 

Today, I was stressed out about my Stress Management exam, that doesn't really make sense does it? But I ended up getting an 80% on it, so thats not too terribly bad. Then I got home and started feeling sick all afternoon, so Jake made me my favorite snack, Old Grist Mill bread with butter and honey, he's so tender :) I'm glad I have such a great man, he takes care of me.

Now my sleeping pill is kicking in, its time for bed. 

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