Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guilty Conscience.

Story Time: 
So today I was my lazy self and decided I didn't want to go to my first two classes, instead I wanted to sleep. So I emailed one of my professors to tell him I was "sick" and I wouldn't be attending class. He promptly emailed back and said "Thanks for letting me know, I hope you feel better." Well I really was not sick, oops. Well later in the day I had to attend one of my classes because an assignment was due, just my luck I ran right into the professor that I had emailed that I was sick. Make-up and hair done, I did not look sick. SHOOOOT. He looked right at me too. I sure just hope he doesn't fail me. I guess I will just have to make up some lie about why I was on campus and not at home sick. I'm an idiot, I need to be more responsible and GO to class. That is my goal GO to every class unless you absolutely CANNOT.

Found this pic from the Ice Cube concert

On the positive note I know I am obsessed with my puppy (I know she's Jakes but I call her mine now) but she is adorable so here are some more pics. 

She is crazy. This is how she sleeps, right on top of her food.

Using her food as a pillow. 

I scared her and woke her up.

Sleeping with her cute new outfit on!

Her new toys, me and Jake named them. The gorilla is Bernard and the teddy bear is Bertha.

I walked in and she had somehow put the pillow under her head and fell asleep.

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