Monday, June 27, 2011


This weekend was awesome as always. 
I won't blab on and on about it so here are some pictures.

We went boating.
I look like an orange.

My baby doin some wakeboardin.

The difference in our skin colors is ridiculous hahah.

This could be one of my very favorite pictures of us.

We saw some fights.

We also had a fire with friends, we went to church, we made banana boats, and we hung out with my family. I love weekends with my man.

We have so much planned the rest of this summer its ridiculous.

This weekend: We're going to a rodeo, going to his nieces baby blessing, and going on a fishing trip with his family for 3 days.
July 8th-10th: Kenny Chesney Concert & boating.
July 15th-17th: Camping and four wheeling at the sand dunes with friends.
July 22nd-24th: Camping with other good friends Sarah and Kodey.
July 29th-31st: Camping in Lava with my family.
August 5th-7th: Raspberry Days in Bear Lake and Tim Mcgraw.
And then possibly going to Canada right before school and then in December, Vegas for my 21st, and a vacation with my family to Costa Rica or Fiji in January or the end of December.

Me and Jake are SO spoiled, I cannot wait for all the fun things we have to look forward to this year! 

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