Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our weekend camping trips.

Friday: I arrived in Pinedale and Jake and I immediately left to meet our friends for our camping weekend. We arrived at this beautiful lake and set up camp. 

After we got camp set up and put our dinner in the fire to cook. Jake and I went down to the lake so he could take a bath. (The place where he is living right now does not have a shower, so during the week he sponge bathes). It was so funny to watch him try and bathe, I was laughing so hard.

He kept walking further out into the lake and it wouldn't get deep. It was so funny. (It looks like he is naked but he has teeny tiny compression shorts on)

I took this panoramic picture with my phone. 

Us next to the lake.

After Jake's bathing experience we spent the night laughing and relaxing with our friends next to the fire.

Saturday: We got up and ate breakfast and then made our plans for the day. The other couples had to run home and do a few things so me and Jake went to the park for a picnic. After lunch we headed down to the Green River to go tubing. Long story short, the water was freezing, I got stuck in a tree/thorn bush on the side of the river, lost my tube and almost drowned, then it started down pouring on us, I thought we were lost, and we basically almost died. Nonetheless we laughed the entire trip down the river and had a blast. After river rafting we headed to Granite Hot Springs to set up camp for the night. The other couples didn't want to camp again so it was just Jake and I. After we set up camp we went up to the hot springs to meet everyone. (They came up for the afternoon and then left). Granite Hot Springs is so cool. Its a little pool in the middle of the forest. 

I found this picture online since I neglected to take pictures.

After swimming for an hour or so we went back to camp, cooked dinner, sat by the fire and then went to bed.

Jake sitting by the fire.

This picture was taken after a few days of camping, you can tell haha.

Sunday: We got up and made a delicious breakfast, packed up camp and then explored Granite Falls.

Granite Falls.

So tender :)

This was right by our campsite. So beautiful.

After hanging out at the falls for awhile, we drove to Jackson Hole. We wandered around town for awhile, mostly people watching, and the we went to lunch. After lunch we decided to get old time photos. It was something we will always remember, thats for sure. I looked horrible in all the pictures since I hadn't showered in several days from camping, but Jake really wanted to do them so it was fun!

Our "Old Time" photo.

After our photo experience we went to Ripleys Believe It or Not. They had this special where if you ate a bug, you got a 4 dollar discount. So we did. Sick I know.

These are the bugs we ate.

Inside Ripley's on a buffalo couch.

After our long day in Jackson we headed back to Jake's because he had to work in the morning.

Monday: Jake was at work all day so I ate lunch in the park by myself, and then studied in the library most of the day. Monday night we went out on a pizza date and rented the movie Unknown. It has the guy from Taken and is a pretty good movie. 

Tuesday: Tuesday morning I got up and headed back to Ogden.

We once again had such a fun weekend. We are so blessed to be able to do such fun things. I am honestly so in love, sometimes I make myself sick. Jake just makes me the happiest most giddy girl in the whole wide world. I know I may be the cheesiest girl in the whole wide world but that's what love does to you sometimes, and I think that's how it should be :) We're perfect together.

My last test of the Summer semester is tomorrow morning and I couldn't be happier. I am also moving a bunch more stuff up to Logan the next couple of days. Then on Friday its back to Pinedale. We are spending the weekend in Idaho Falls for Jake's 5 year high school reunion. Once again, can't wait till Friday :) 

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