Friday, August 26, 2011


I was doing really good and blogging weekly but obviously that didn't last very long. 
So lately I have officially finished decorating my apartment, as usual spending my sweet weekends with Jake, and waiting for him to FINALLY be home for good. He moves back to Logan tomorrow and this week has honestly been the longest week of my life. I was staying at my apartment in Logan but for those of you who know me, I HATE being alone so I came back to Ogden to stay with my family until Jake comes back tomorrow. I'm a baby, I know. 

Here are some pics from 2 weekends ago when we went camping with Jake's family and went to Jake's 5 year high school reunion.

Me and baby Jake, Jake's nephew. I love him!

All of us on the fourwheeler. Jake rockin some sweet shades.

This is why I love him.

He is so sexy. 

On the way to his reunion.

Jake pretending to be a dog, so cute. 

Here's a sneak peek of some things in my apartment. I will blog next week with pictures of everything.

A shelf full of my collection of MetroMint bottles. The best drink in the entire world. 

My cute nightstand. 

One of the walls in my kitchen.

Kitchen table.

 I have been trying to keep myself busy so this week will go by fast this is what I have been doing.

I made this lamp. The before picture is a few pictures up on my nightstand. I bought the old keys at a yard sale for 25 cents and just glued them on the inside of the lampshade. 

This baby is from the D.I. it was purchased for 20 bucks. I wish I would have gotten a before picture but I forgot. The side panels used to be a nasty old brown color, so I spray painted them and it looks so much better. I will take a picture with the paint tape off and the wall above it next week.

I send cheesy kissy pictures to Jake while he's at work. 

Jenna came and spent the night. This cute little river is right by my house.

I love it. 

I made fresh pico de gallo with tomatoes, jalapenos & onions from my parents garden. So yummy.

I watched my brothers football game for 2.5 hours in this temperature with no shade.

I got a hideous tanline. 

I got my hair colored.

Can you tell I have been so bored without Jake? Words cannot explain how excited I am that he will be back for good tomorrow :) So many GREAT things are happening this semester, life is good.

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