Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday & Ect.

Happy 20th Birthday to my two best friends in the whole entire world.
You guys are great. I love and miss you both. (I shouldn't have to miss Kaylie but I'm so busy that I never see her anymore)

Oh the gems I find on my computer. This is why I love her.

I miss these days with Jenna :( This picture was taken in Cancun in June 2009. 

On a different note. I get to see my Jake tomorrow! I haven't seen him since Sunday so I can't wait! We are going on a cute date to Jackson Hole on Saturday night. I miss him so much during the week, It's ridiculous, so this weekend should be lots of fun. I love him very mucho. He is my everything. Ahhhh. (Cheeeesy I know but its true).

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