Wednesday, July 20, 2011

37 Days.

It's official 37 more days until Jake is officially back in Logan & 31 days until I am officially back in Logan. The best thing about being back in Logan is that for the first time in my life I have my very own apartment! I am so excited not to have roommates, 2 years of living with girls was too much. (Even though I do love some of my past roommates with all my heart ((Kaylie, Jade, Lindsey, Lauren, Kylee)) but a lot of you know I've also had very bad experiences with roommates. So needless to say I can't wait to be in my own place. Now I won't have to practically live at Jake's, he can practically live at my place :) just kidding, but not really haha. So the new place is on Center Street in Logan, which is probably my favorite street because it has gigantic trees lining both sides of the street and there are cute old victorian houses all over. It's a basement apartment with a huge kitchen and bedroom and I can't wait to decorate it. My mom has already spoiled the living crap out of me by buying so many cute new things for the apartment. I decided to stick with "themes" for each room so this is my plan:

Colors: Pink, Brown & Green
Theme: Cupcakes
I know it sounds weird cupcakes in your bathroom but I have found so many cute cupcake decorations and I think its going to turn out really cute. I tried to download all the pictures of the cute things I bought but my computer is not cooperating so I will post pictures when I move in! Here is one picture of a light switch cover I got, so cute!

Colors: Red and Black
My kitchen is honestly huge its the biggest room in the apartment so I decided there was room for a couch on one side of the kitchen and a table at the other. We found a really cute vintage black leather couch with a pull out bed at the D.I for 30 bucks so we snagged it. It looks brand new so I was super excited. We also found a bunch of old vintage tin red containers with different designs that are going to look way cute on the kitchen counter. At Target we went crazy and bought cute red and black frames, red pillows for the couch, a red rug, a big black tree decal for the wall and much more! My favorite things we got for the kitchen were little glass tomato salt and pepper shakers and we bought 3 different sized glass containers that we are going to fill with different red candies, its going to be so cute. Here's a picture of about 1/4 of the actual kitchen (This is before I move in, I will post pictures after I decorate everything).

Living Room:
Colors: Black, Green & Blue
Theme: Peacock Feathers
For the last two years my room has been peacock themed but this year I am going to put all the decorations in the living room because I got a ton of new things for my bedroom. This is my room last year so you kind of get an idea of what the living room will look like.

Try to ignore us and focus on things in the background like the black shelve, peacock picture and metromint water bottle window frame.

Colors: Warm. Yellows, Browns, Golds, Maroons.
My parents had a custom made bed spread/pillows made a couple years ago that cost around $1,000 and they are absolutely gorgeous so my mom decided she didn't want them anymore and took them to the drycleaners and they are now mine. I don't have any pictures of them but they are so classy and grown up, I love them. We also found an old vanity at the D.I. that is white and gold antiqued and in perfect shape so we bought a cute mirror at Home Depot to go with it. Our friend Dani, refinishes old furniture for fun and she has an old 6 drawer dresser that she refinished to match my vanity and I'm so excited about it! I don't have any pictures of my room stuff yet but hopefully soon!

So if you can't tell I am pretty excited about my new place.


This weekend was awesome, yet again. 
Friday night I drove to Pinedale and we went to dinner with our friends Jeff and Hailey at our favorite mexican restaurant, Los Cabos. Their seafood enchiladas are straight from God. After we drove to the neighboring town of Big Piney (40 minutes away) so we could go bowling. (There is literally nothing to do in Pinedale). We decided to mix things up a bit by making bowling rules, each round we took turns choosing how everyone had to bowl (between the legs, kicking it, laying down) and it was so much fun! I ended up with a final score of 16. Yes I said 16 but it was still a blast.

Saturday we headed to Bear Lake to stay at our friend Austin's cabin. We spent the day eating raspberry shakes and jet skiing. It was our first time ever jet skiing and we had a blast! Jake almost threw me off like 5 times but it was way fun and the water felt amazing. Later that night we ate dinner with Austin's family and played games. Austin is going to be Jakes roommate this next semester and his family is awesome. 

Sunday we went to sacrament meeting in the morning and then headed back to Pinedale. We were super tired so we ate a quick dinner and then went to sleep. 

On Monday Jake had to work so I basically slept all day and watched Out Cold haha I am pathetic. When Jake got home we made dinner and watched the movie Rango. I thought it was super funny. Tuesday morning Jake got up early and went to work and I headed back to Ogden. Tuesday night after we both got home from work and had talked on the phone and said goodnight about 10 minutes later I got a text from him saying. "Night, love you and miss you." It's things like that that make me love him so much!

Today I went to lunch with my dear friend Jenna who I haven't seen in 6 months. It was good to catch up with her (even though she was probably annoyed because all I talked about was Jake haha) and I can't wait for her to move to Logan!

This weekend Jake is coming down and we are going garage & yard sale hunting followed by a trip to Ikea and the rodeo on Saturday night! Our friends Hailey and Jeff are coming down for the rodeo too so it should be way fun! Friday needs to get here fast.

That was a longggg post.

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  1. Shae! I LOVE reading your blog! Your bathroom-cupcake idea... LOVE!! Your apt will be so cute!! YAY!!:)