Friday, July 22, 2011


WARNING: I am going to be talking about PMS so if you don't want to hear, I encourage you to exit this blog now.
Okay so every 3 months are so I have a really bad period. Bad meaning my hormones seriously get completely out of whack. I seriously turn into a crazy emotional mess. I HATE it. I had a bad dream last night about Jake and since its that time of the month I am so mad and upset about my dream. I know it was just a dream but it felt so real. I've been dwelling on it all day making myself miserable and questioning my relationship until I finally realized that everything between me and Jake is completely perfect, I couldn't ask for a better man, we have the most beautiful love there is. A dream is a dream and it doesn't mean anything. I am just so frustrated because I let my hormones get the best of me and make me upset for half of the day. Does anyone else get like this sometimes? When every little thing brings you to tears and every little thing pisses you off? I hate being a girl sometimes, I honestly do. Anyone know of any advice to help me not be so psycho?

On a better note, I have fallen in love with I might have a new addiction. They have the coolest prints on old vintage book and encyclopedia paper. I purchased the following for my new apartment. 
This one is going in my bathroom (hence her holding a cupcake, and the pink dress)

I also got these three FAKE cupcakes to go on my pink shelves in my bathroom. 

And this vintage print with a cute pink cupcake.
My very favorite purchase from etsy is this crafty vintage cupcake tin to hang in the bathroom. 

Then I got this vintage peacock print for the living room. 

These 3 Alice In Wonderland Vintage Prints for my bedroom.

And last, I got these three for my kitchen.

(None of the vintage prints come with frames so I'm going to get frames that match the pictures)

I am in love with decorating now.
Jake will be here later tonight and I can't wait to go on our Ikea date tomorrow :)

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