Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Usual Weekend Update.

Friday night Jake came down from Pinedale. He got here really late so we just went to bed.
Saturday morning we got up early and went garage/yard sale hunting with my mom. I love finding old antiques and fun treasures! I got a bunch of cute stuff for my new apartment, and Jake purchased a coffee table to fix up for our future house. Being the manly man he is, he also purchased a dozen decoy ducks for duck hunting. After driving all around Weber County hitting up all the yard sales, we went to breakfast at the restaurant. Then we dropped my mom off at home and headed down to Ikea. I love that store, I could spend three days straight there. It was fun to look at ideas for our future home and pick out stuff for my new apartment. We stopped for lunch on the way home at 5 Guys (which by the way is so much better than In N Out) When we got home we watched So You Think You Can Dance, which I got Jake addicted too, he loves it just as much as I do haha. Then we got ready for the Pioneer Days Rodeo and headed downtown. The rodeo was kind of a let down because it was really hot and it just wasn't that exciting. Saturday night after the rodeo we just hung out with my family and went to bed. 

At the rodeo. 

Sunday we ran all around town. We went to Target, Home Depot, Lowes & Walmart, buying stuff for the new apartment. Sunday afternoon we went on a fourwheeling ride with my family. There is nothing I love more than riding up in Mantua on a Sunday afternoon. We found a big mound of snow and my dad decided to "ski" down it, so we followed after. We had so much fun, especially when Jake completely ate it. He face planted while sliding down the hill. My mom literally peed her pants, we had such a good time!

My mom took this cute picture while we were looking out over the valley. 

Can't wait to spend forever with this guy.

Jake sliding down the snow hill.

Me, Jake, my brother, his cute girlfriend and my Dad.

Standing on top of the snow hill.

My first attempt down the hill, no I did not fall haha.

On Thursday my good friend Lacey, who I met in New Zealand last Summer while I was traveling with International Student Volunteers, is coming to Utah on Wednesday night. We became best friends while we were in New Zealand and Fiji and haven't seen each other since June 2010. She lives in Florida and is coming up for a few days. We are going to hang out in Salt Lake on Thursday and she's coming up to Ogden on Friday. I can't wait to see her!

Here's some pictures of me and Lacey!

This is on a dock in Fiji!

On a boat in Fiji!

 Overlooking the ocean in New Zealand!

Friday afternoon after Lacey leaves me and Jake are going camping in Jackson Hole, WY with our friends Kodey and Sara. I can't wait :)  

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