Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Finale Post.

Thursday March 10th
Thursday morning me and Jake got up and decided to head down to the outlet mall to do some shopping. I ended up finding the cutest store ever called Papaya, it reminds me of Forever 21 but cuter. I bought 2 dresses, 2 shirts and a pair of shorts. I was super excited. Jake had a lot of luck shopping too, he bought not 1 but 3 pairs of shoes! Hiking shoes, running shoes, and sandals. It was a fun and successful shopping day! After a full day of shopping we headed back down to Hollywood to get ready for Art Walk in downtown LA. Art Walk is an event in downtown LA that covers like 5 blocks, it happens once a month and there's lots of live music, art exhibits, and vendors. We went to a cupcake bakery called Big Man Bakes, and ate delicious cupcakes! After cupcakes we went to dinner and had the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted, it was super yummy! It was such a fun night downtown.

Getting ready for Art Walk, wearing my new dress!

My delicious cupcake!

At dinner. Isn't my boyfriend sexy haha. He's wearing Hillary's spirit hood.

At an exhibit at Art Walk. He loves me :)

Kodak moment.

The California Crew!

Friday March 11th 
Friday me and Jake had a day to do our own thing, while Hill and Bryan did their own thing. We decided to do the whole Hollywood thing. We rode the metro to Hollywood Blvd. and did some exploring. There are some crazy people there. All sorts of people were dressed up as celebrities, trying to get tips for pictures. We saw all the stars on the ground, the Kodak Theater, the chinese theater place, and lots of other cool stuff! After exploring we had a tasty meal at California Pizza Kitchen, and went to Madame Tusseuds wax museum. It was super cool, these wax figures look so real its incredible. Me and Jake were like little kids running around taking pictures with these "stars". There was a part in the museum where you could make a wax mold out of your own hand, so Jake made a wax mold of his hand doing the I love you sign. It was tender :) After spending the day in Hollywood we went back to Bryan's to have a little dinner date and get in the hot tub. We made yummy pasta and just had a good time spending time alone!

Egyptian Theater!

Harrison Ford!

Looking over Hollywood Blvd.

Madame Tusseuds. I hate Kobe Bryant, this ones for my grandma :)

Jake and Rocky!

Jack Nicholson.

The I love you hand!

Spending a week in sunny California was much needed and we had a blast! I couldn't ask for a better Spring Break. The sunshine felt so healthy, after being in cold Utah all winter. We laughed a lot, we loved a lot, and we had a lot of fun. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend to spend Spring Break with, he is the kindest, most loving, genuine man I have ever met. I fell in love him even more over this vacation, and am the happiest girl on the face of this earth. I was sad to come back to Utah but California made me appreciate my Utah home. I am born and raised a Utah girl and the California traffic makes me want to shoot someone. Other than the traffic Southern Cal is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to go back soon. I can't wait to go on our next adventure when we go to Moab here in the next few weeks to go rock climbing. 

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  1. cute! looks like you had tons of fun!! fyi, there is a papaya in the university mall in orem just in case you ever want to go back :)