Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Post #2

Tuesday March 8th
This day we woke up and headed down to Santa Monica for the day. Santa Monica is such a beautiful place, I had been there when I was younger but I didn't really remember it. We ate the best pizza ever at this place called Joe's right off the beach, and later at at my favorite Bubba Gump's. At Bubba's Jake ordered a bucket of crab legs but they accidentally brought out a bucket of crab legs + shellfish, so Jake told them it was the wrong thing and they said okay just eat that one and we'll bring you out a whole new meal of just crab legs, so he got 60 bucks worth of seafood for about 25 bucks, it was awesome because I got to eat half of it! After eating we explored Santa Monica Pier and walked along the beach where there was tons of acrobatic equipment so Jake and Bryan had a field day playing on the "adult" jungle gym. 

I look like hell in this picture but our crab legs were delicious.

Santa Monica Pier.

My awesome photographer skills of Jake climbing.

Wednesday March 9th
Wednesday was an awesome day. We woke up and got ready for a bike ride. We biked from Bryan's house through the mountains and ended up on the beach. It was beautiful weather and I got super sunburned which I loved. It felt good to ride a bike since I haven't done it since I was a little kid. When we got to the beach we buried Jake in the sand, and he didn't like it very much! Apparently sand is super heavy, and since he was all sandy we made him get in the water (which was freezing) before he could get in the car. After the bike ride we headed up to Santa Barbara, which is also gorgeous, to go to the zoo. I felt like a little kid I was so excited. I love the zoo. We saw lots of cool animals and the weather was perfect. That night Bryan's mom made a delicious brisket and we hot tubbed and watched Takers.

Our bike ride break, we found a cool tree.

My love :)

Jake about to get buried in the sand after our bike ride.

Kissing my mer-man.

Bryan and Hillary made a sand chair.

Susie the elephant!

Monkey faces!

Hatching out of eggs!

Our awesome day at the zoo :)

Thursday-Saturday I will post about later this afternoon :)

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