Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day Four.

So I have an interview this afternoon at Vanity in the Cache Valley Mall.
Ghetto? I know, but I am desperate so wish me luck!
Also I had my usual Wednesday Indian food from Tandoori Oven.
Try it, you'll fall in love.

Challenge Day Four
10 Pet Peeves
1. When people clap after the movie is over in movie theaters. They can't hear you so don't clap.
2. Flaky people. If your say your going to do something then do it.
3. When people wear black and brown (sorry if you do, I just hate it)
4. Just like Rach and Jenna when people TyPe LiKe ThIs
5. One word texts
6. Bad waiters/waitresses
7. When people at the kiosks in the mall attack you
8. When my dad deletes my Teen Mom or Jersey Shore recordings
9. When people "fish" for compliments
10. When people say Layton or Mountain with an accentuated T sound, even though its probably correct.

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