Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ready For Change.

A few things happened last night that really opened my eyes
and made me realize what I truly want in life.
The events of last night didn't really involve me,
I was more of a spectator but still it made me want to strive even
more for what I want in life 
So let's just put it this way,
Fun and excitement is what the world teaches us to desire
but fun and excitement are both temporary emotions.
A night of fun always and ends, and excitement is usually an emotion that lasts a few minutes.
Joy and Happiness however is what I desire.
These are everlasting emotions, if you live your life the right away.
The right way can be different for a lot of people but for me it means following the example of this amazing man.

Jesus Christ.

Now some people may roll their eyes at me
but I have honestly never been more happy doing what
I should be doing.
And I find joy and happiness for MYSELF, and that is all that matters.

Also, I literally cannot wait for Kaylie to move in.
We keep each other sane.
We are so ready for a change of scene and a new crowd to hang out with.
Don't get me wrong, we love the people we have been hanging
out with, but their lifestyle is not the kind we want.
So here's to new beginnings :)

30 Day Challenge Day Five
Something that makes you feel better
Nicole Nordeman.
Listen to this song, she is inspiring.
Pay attention to the lyrics

Ps. Sorry expressing my spirituality is offensive to anyone but then again it's my blog so I can say what I want :) 

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