Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Weekend.

I had such a great weekend.
Jakes family is amazing.
We went to dinner with his sister's family and
he has the cutest nephew ever. 
Cute little guy wanted to hold my hand the minute he met me.
What a ladies man. 
Saturday we watched Man on Fire (such a good movie)
and then went to his little sister Jessie's pageant 
which was super entertaining.
She looked beautiful and did an amazing job.
Then we stayed up till one in the morning watching Swamp People
on the History Channel with his dad.
Surprisingly its actually a pretty good show.
It's about these ghetto swamp people that gator hunt for a living. 
Sunday we had the opportunity to be there for his dad to get ordained
a high priest and then his Mom cooked a big turkey dinner for everyone and
 we spent the rest of the day hanging out with the family.
Jake said his family really liked me which I was nervous about so that's a good thing.
We left Sunday night and the weather got so bad that we had to pull off in Pocatello
and stay at his friend Kodey and his wife Sarah's house.
They were super nice to let us stay with them.
We made it safely home this morning.
After this weekend all I can say is I am one happy girl.
Today me and Jake are headed down to Ogden to see my great grandma who is in the
hospital and spend some time with the family.
She's a tough lady and she's in our thoughts and prayers.
Get better grandma, we love you!

Day 21
Favorite TV Show 
I have a lot but my all time favorite would have to be this one

Day 22 
Favorite Book 
I am going to go ahead and be completely honest and say that I don't read books all that often.
The last ones I read were the Twilight series so I guess those are going to have to be my favorite?

Day 23
Favorite YouTube Video
Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.
Never ever gets old. I love this video.

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