Friday, November 5, 2010


30 Day Challenge Day 6 "What did you do today?"
Today I've been an idiot, straight up.
Worked for my dad at the restaurant and literally dropped 
everything I touched.
Silverware, a whole huge bag of crackers, a wad of one dollar bills.
You name it I probably dropped it today.
Then on my way home I forgot I needed to go to the bank so
I turned around and drove to the Zions where I pulled up to the side of the building to see what time
the drive thru closed, only for some reason in my silly little brain I thought it was Saturday
and the sign said they closed on Saturdays at one, so I left.
I didn't realize it was Friday and they were open until 5 until my mom told me she was running to the bank and I proceeded to tell her they were closed because it was Saturday.
Needless to say she made fun of me pretty bad.
Oh well, I guess it's just one of those days when your constantly having brain farts.
It happens. 
My day isn't over yet but me and Kaylie are headed to Logan in a bit for the weekend
and it should be a great one :) 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

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